Stress: 17 Stress Management Habits to Reduce Stress, Live Stress-Free & Worry Less




‘In this book Linda Westwood shows you how easy it is to remake your life and get your priorities straight.’
Tony james

‘If we stop worrying about our problems and approach them step by step as this book advises we will get so much more accomplished.’
Alex ‘e.s.p. press’

‘We cannot avoid stress because it is part of our daily life. Thankfully, there are ways to manage it. This book teaches us to develop useful habits to manage stress. Highly recommended book!’
Alex Rosa

‘I am a fan of Linda`s books and this one definitely has great advice. Linda writes in a way that makes me feel like I am working with a personal coach. If you want learn to feel refreshed everyday then I strongly suggest this book!’
Heather Quinton

‘Awesome tips and strategies to reduce stress. I am a single mother so I know a bit about stress, reading this book has really opened my eyes to some of my bad habits that are adding to my stress levels, it’s really amazing the simple things you can do to aid relaxation. This book has really been a great help to me.’
Tiffany Jones

About the Author

Linda Westwood is a #1 Best Selling author of various books about weight loss, dieting, exercise programs, and everything nutrition. In her books, Linda provides daily action plans and fantastic advice on how to lose weight, burning fat in those hard to lose areas, better eating habits, morning rituals that lead to a healthy body, and so much more.


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